Research Hub Free Forever - design research platform

almost 3 years ago from , User Interviews

Hey designers! I thought I'd share the new Free Forever plan for Research Hub, User Interviews' toolkit for automating design research.

Instead of spending hours jumping between email, spreadsheets, calendars, Salesforce, and more, you can use Research Hub to save tons of time on logistics. For example, you can: - Build a panel by uploading users, or with a custom signup survey - Link your calendar and automate research scheduling - Recruit, screen, message, and send incentives to users - Keep working with any design, conferencing, or other tools you already use - Invite your team (no seat limits)

Try it out!

Is user feedback/research a part of your design process? If so, what tools do you use to make it happen? I'd love to know what you think of Research Hub in the comments.


  • John Doe, almost 3 years ago

    hi, thanks will check.

    Does it have user testing tools? ie questionnaires

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    • Erin May, almost 3 years ago

      Hi John Doe :) We have screener surveys to help you find the participants you want to talk to, test with, but we are not a testing platform. People use us with dozens of different testing platforms, we're totally agnostic on that front!

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