• Henry MoranHenry Moran, over 3 years ago

    Can we please add pages to Framer? Just like in production code, you wouldn't build all your screens in one .js file.

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  • Freddy MayFreddy May, over 3 years ago

    Awesome, would this be an alternative to Figma?

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    • Kris KimKris Kim, over 3 years ago

      That's precisely what I've been wondering. Are designers using it as a full design software or as a supplementary app for making bits of interaction like Principle?

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    • Richard SisonRichard Sison, over 3 years ago

      Personally, I don't think so. Tools like Drama, Principle and Flinto are really well positioned to experiment on interactions beyond the capabilities of Sketch, Figma, Invision or Marvel. I'm not bothered by both existing to be honest.

      When I'm prototyping a flow or sequence of pages, I love the simplicity of what Sketch/Figma provides and I'm happy with them investing up to basic interactions like this.

      But when I want to take it further, I like that tools like Framer or Drama exist to experiment with complex interactions without affecting or being impacted by the complexity of my libraries.

      Would it be great if there was an all-in-one solution? Sure. But with the state of current tools, there's still so much to improve on that I prefer Sketch and Figma focus on the broader system of the design whereas tools like Framer focus specifically on complex interactions, transitions and animations.

      While I really like what Drama is doing, one HUGE gap that it has (which Framer addresses inherently in its approach) is sharing. Framer can send an interactive prototype via a link but Drama currently has no way to do that in an easy way.

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    • Nelson TarucNelson Taruc, over 3 years ago

      I see it more as additive to Figma vs. alternative. For me, Figma is awesome to prototype 80% of the flows I'd like to demo. Framer gets me the extra 20% interaction/animation bits that isn't quite yet possible in Figma.

      But until Framer can stand up a shareable design system and custom plugins, it's not replacing Figma any time soon.

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  • Samantha S, over 3 years ago

    a little too late me thinks...

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