Ask DN: What's your iPhone setup in 2020?

3 years ago from , Design Director

Just curious what's living on everyone's home screen and being used daily as I'm re-evaluating my current setup for notes, tasks, mail, etc.


  • Rob GillRob Gill, 3 years ago

    I recently moved all my app to be sorted by colour. Nerdy I know but there was a reason.

    I've been toying with the idea for a while but decided to try it to "ungroup" social media apps with an aim of becoming less distracted... it means I now make swipes to get to things.

    What I've found is, social media usage is down, but I can find an app that I want quicker than before. I think because I can imagine the icon/icon colour and I know roughly where it will be now (rather than buried in a folder). I still use pull down to search, but I'm rocking iPhone 7 and that search is slow AF these days

    Been a positive experience, I'd recommend trying it.

    (Oh I keep my homepage the same, IMPORTANT everyday apps)

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    • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, 3 years ago

      I like the idea of organised by colour. I keep all my apps in folders, apart from the ones I use everyday which are on the home screen. when I need an app, I use the pull down search too (iPhone XS) and its faster than me trying to find an app by looking through folders.

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    • Thom StoodleyThom Stoodley, 3 years ago

      Not nerdy at all.. I am right handed and try to group apps in clusters with majority of apps in specific folder's. Instagram is buried and chat/compose are almost out of reach — ha! I use Search for anything non-essential

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      • Rob GillRob Gill, 3 years ago

        OMG you've gone next level and have 1 folder per colour... NICE!

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  • John PJohn P, 3 years ago

    I aim to touch and look at the thing as little as possible.

    There is nothing good there.

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  • Dominik SchmidtDominik Schmidt, 3 years ago

    Messaging: WhatsApp & iMessage & Slack

    Social Networking: Instagram & TikTok (only for business purposes)

    E-Mail: Outlook

    Calendar: Google Calendar & Fantastical

    Music: Spotify & YouTube Music & SONOS & Hypem

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  • Richard Piperot, 3 years ago

    Camera / SMS / Spotify at the bottom my go to apps!

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  • John Doe, 3 years ago

    I just use the included apps: Notes, Mail, Camera.

    • Notes syncs to my Mac, and supports drawings.

    • Camera app can create PDFs

    Oh, forgot I made two changes:

    • Switched to Google Calendar, more functionality than the stock one.

    • Switched to WeatherBug.

    I also moved some apps to the next screen to clean the bottom area.

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