• Josh GreenJosh Green, almost 10 years ago

    I think all the fame has got to her head. This superior "oh let me help you be a human" crap really pisses me off

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    • Tom CavillTom Cavill, almost 10 years ago (edited almost 10 years ago )


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    • Florian BürgerFlorian Bürger, almost 10 years ago

      Not everyone knows how to behave like a human being and not like a dick. It is nice to hear there are people out there like Jessica to remind us to be direct but polite. And that our needs might differ from others. And if you think this is crap maybe you should re-read her article.

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    • Lloyd WonderLloyd Wonder, almost 10 years ago (edited almost 10 years ago )

      I don't know, it seemed pretty straightforward. Personally, could've done with a little less usage of the words introvert and extrovert but hey.

      Seems like a normal blog topic and, coming from someone who's horrible at this sort of thing, actually goes a long way. I didn't feel she was talking down to me at all. It just seemed personable and that she was speaking like she would to anyone.

      Also, this is just an aside but her site is pleasing to me in nearly every way.

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  • Tom CavillTom Cavill, almost 10 years ago (edited almost 10 years ago )

    I think she writes well but find this overly patronising. How socially inept does she think her audience is?!


    Fresh Air: Sometimes you just need a breather. "I’m going to go get some air."

    Gee thanks -- I would never have thought to say that.

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  • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, almost 10 years ago

    The whole article can be summed up with the line she italicized. If you go to an event with the intent to just meet people, everything will work out OK.

    If you’re like me, networking is relatively easy because it is absolutely transparent to every person you meet that you are interested in who they are as a person rather than what they have to offer you. This is a huge distinction and is what separates the effortless networkers from their more smarmy-seeming counterparts.

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  • Pasquale D'SilvaPasquale D'Silva, almost 10 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )


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  • Shane McCleeryShane McCleery, almost 10 years ago

    Thought it was great, I have always had a a fear of having to network and do this sort of stuff. Never know how to approach just a random group of people and start talking. I find it very hard to introduce myself and have short small talk conversations.

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  • Ian MortierIan Mortier, almost 10 years ago

    It was weird reading this after meeting her briefly and having her come across as fairly awkward. I guess do as she says not as she does.

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