• Félix S, 3 years ago

    Brilliant! Both in the way you elucidate your decision and the manner in which you have implemented barebones (but largely sufficiant). analytics. Exemplary!

    If only more online entities had the same level of understand and respect for user privacy (or indeed, a desire to not be creepy).

    (Also, your product looks very useful. I haven't written a paper in ages but hey, you never know. Those times might return).

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  • Andrew C, 3 years ago

    Brand is reputation. With this one article your reputation is clear: simple policy to cut through overly complex data “ethics”.

    Your website copy is excellent as well. There’s clearly a strong editorial position behind this product. I wish you much success.

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  • Paul BestPaul Best, 3 years ago

    This is my first exposure to your product, and I must say, kudos all around.

    Your product is very simple, clear, and well designed. At first, I thought it looked like a helpful tool, maybe a side project or something. Then I discovered your pro & institutional offerings. This is a clever business model — transparent and very reasonable pricing for features that are actually valuable, with one flat annual fee that aligns with the $ resources of students. You've really taken a trust-building approach to your business and I bet it's been financially rewarding in addition to being highly ethical. Is the team just you? For some reason, I get the vibe you designed and built this independently as an ex-grad or PHD student?

    As a UX designer, I think you've made some real intuitive design decisions and the 2-min walkthrough sold me

    Keep up good work

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