Need help with filter logic

over 3 years ago from , Interactive Media Designer at Allink AG

I've noticed two different possible behaviours for checkbox filters and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how one should deal with these cases as a designer.

Case 1: SHOES > COLOR > [x]red, [x]blue, [ ]yellow. This should show you all red and all blue shoes.

Case 2: Rooms > Amenities > [x]wifi, [x]balcony, [ ]breakfast Now in this case we want wo see all rooms that have both wifi and a balcony

In case 1 you are seeing more results with each selected checkbox, while in case 2 its the other way round. Yet the interface looks exactly the same. How do I contend with this? Do we just assume what the users expectations are for the given context and design the logic as such?