Ask DN: Favorite design-related podcast to follow?

almost 4 years ago from , SmashNotes.com

What are your top-3 favorite design podcasts, or podcasts that help you in business, that you would recommend? It does not need to be a very popular show, or specifically aim at designers, but I'd love to find a few new podcasts to listen to which add value. Thanks!


  • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, almost 4 years ago

    I tend to listen to non-work related podcasts to avoid burnout, but do really enjoy 99 Percent Invisible.

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    • Josiah DJosiah D, over 3 years ago

      Totally agree. I think it's important to get inspiration from a lot of different places so I tend to listen to podcasts on just about anything but design. There's some great teams doing cool investigative podcasts, audio dramas, and a ton of other stuff out there. I don't need to give 60 minutes of my day to listening to two people debate A/B testing :)

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  • Ryan MiglavsRyan Miglavs, over 3 years ago

    My fave is Presentable, with Jeff Veen. Thoughtful and super friendly, with smart guests.

    High Resolution was a delightful 25-part series with some excellent interviews, recommended even though it's a couple years old.

    I'll echo that Wireframe by Adobe (with Khoi Vinh) is also thoughtful and high-quality, but feels just a tad over-produced to me sometimes.

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  • Wouter RamakerWouter Ramaker, over 3 years ago

    I fully agree with 99% Invisible

    I listen to a lot of podcasts that deal with the responsibilities of a designer (design ethics): Voice of Design (By Mule Design's Mike Monteiro and Erika Hall) and Your Undivided Attention (with Tristan Harris, former (now anti) Facebook ethicist)

    And I also like to understand the cultural, technological and financial context in which designs live. For that, I recommend: Hidden Forces (by Demitri Kofinas)

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  • Richard BruskowskiRichard Bruskowski, over 3 years ago

    Not even closely keeping up with all of these, but hand picking single episodes whenever I feel like listening to a design related podcast (typically on longer train rides) from this pool:

    • Design Details
    • New Layer
    • This is HCD
    • Jake and Jonathan
    • The Observatory
    • Revision Path
    • Google Method
    • 99% Invisible
    • Adobe Wireframe
    • Framework
    • Design Better Podcast
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  • Ashish BogawatAshish Bogawat, over 3 years ago

    Adobe's Wireframe podcast is really good. Then there's the evergreen 99% Invisible, although it is a bit tangentially related.

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  • J. Terrell, over 3 years ago

    I tend to listen to more business/entrepreneur related podcasts. Like Taylor commented... I don't listen to work-related podcasts to avoid burnout.

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  • Emil Edeholt, over 3 years ago

    For me it changes. Right now: Typeradio, Design Details and Overtime.

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