• Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, almost 4 years ago

    maybe show us a screenshot where we can see the interface clearly. O wait, it's not meant to be improved anyway, someone just was hoping to get more traffics for people to press "L" to show some love.

    Nice.. colors?

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  • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, almost 4 years ago

    Can’t really see anything because of the angle of the screen, and so can’t critique it.

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  • Alex WalshAlex Walsh, almost 4 years ago

    Not saying you have to meet AA standard of WCAG contrast, but there's a few navigation items that are incredibly hard to see or make sense of. This tool is very useful for recommending colours based on context: https://accessible-colors.com

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  • Radley MarxRadley Marx, almost 4 years ago

    1) Don't depend on fullscreen to make everything fit. If it was displayed in a standard macOS window, a user probably couldn't see the Data Object tables very well (maybe one or two fields at a time). It's better to design for an average size window and then scale out.

    2) The left menu doesn't allow for real-world topic names that can have more than 8 characters. Some are lower case, others all caps. Be consistent.

    3) Data Sources and Sandbox are very close in size which can confuse the user about hierarchy (and looks bad since they're slightly misaligned).

    4) Postgres Test 1: indicator arrow over a scrollbar? No.

    5) No affordances. It's so monochrome grey I don't know what I'm supposed to do or know if it's working. Sandbox buttons look exactly like list items.

    6) Small type + mid-tone colors wouldn't pass an accessibility test.

    7) It's awkwardly generic such that it can't be reviewed for UX or product design. Try redesigning an actual enterprise screen. It will teach you a lot about hierarchy strategies and tradeoffs designers have to make.

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  • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, almost 4 years ago

    Hard to give good feedback, because we don't know what the software is trying to accomplish. Enterprise is all about form following function.

    • It's clean visually, but as others have said the angle makes it hard to critique
    • Contrast is not accessible in the nav and possibly other areas
    • Consider a humanist sans (Roboto, Open Sans etc) typeface, which is more readable than geometric sans.
    • Use real titles, esp in your main nav. Long words won't fit there
    • A lot of vertical space is used on the right for whatever is in light gray. Technical users typically prefer compact UIs
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  • kaj imiri, almost 4 years ago

    Pretty Clean. I think maybe more color to show different actions?

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