• Daniel CampagneDaniel Campagne, over 3 years ago

    Clippy is back!!!

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  • Graeme F, over 3 years ago

    article -> https://blog.sketchapp.com/whats-next-for-sketch-in-2020-fbac2317e7b4

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 3 years ago

    seems like collaborative editing is going to utterly break workflows with Abstract?

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  • Andrew C, over 3 years ago

    Really in to this.

    My opinion on multi-user is the same (nice to have, not a game changer) but at least with a Sketch file it’ll likely just be designers up in them bits. Redundancing Abstract, Invision and Zeplin are helpful for me and my budget.

    A few features in prototyping (timers, better scrolling, modals/overlays) is all I need. The ability to hotspot symbols and artboard elements is already a huge huge time saver and a much more seamless experience. I like Zeplin but it’s a lot of $$$ for basic prop inspector so I’m down for that.

    That cash they took is really speeding things up. Auto layout has saved me so much time already.

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    • Diego Nunes, over 3 years ago

      I still think it's a game changer when you need it. Doesn't seems to be your case. The most important aspect of real time collaboration is single source of truth, you don't need to merge files, deal with conflicts and so on.

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  • Cheema Ali, over 3 years ago

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