Any thoughts on UI & UX of a Password Generator App? Made by freshman designer

over 3 years ago from , front-end developer @ flawlessapp

Hi guys, I am new to design, I am mostly a front-end dev, but this is my first indie project that I designed. Please give any feedback if something bothers you. Huge thanks to any type of comment! https://flawlessapp.io/passwordwizard


  • jeremy silverjeremy silver, over 3 years ago

    I entered numbers ("one", "two", "three") for all inputs and receiving password suggestions with text about "creating-UX", "why-managers", and "visual-designers" makes me distrust the service as this isn't the subject matter I entered.

    I also don't think any of the suggestions would actually qualify as a strong password.

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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 3 years ago

    Nice work and nice effort. The UX/ UI is - and should be - fairly straightforward. However, the main thing for me is that passwords are an extremely sensitive matter.

    There is nothing here that commands trust, which is essential for me as a user to perform this type of task through a web application.

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  • UX ING, over 3 years ago

    Pull your step headers left with some negative margin.

    Ease up on the font weight on your steps. Way too heavy. Also, way too black. Go a dark dark grey.

    Take Step 1 from 2 columns down to 1

    Either take step 2 from 3 columns down to 1. Introduce line breaks in between each option. Or make it 4 columns and turn your fancy radio buttons into squares. I like the one column better. Multiselect is a lot clearer when options are stacked like a list.

    Kill the light purple color on your "more insights" button. It's not a strong enough differentiator from your primary action on the bottom.

    Killing columns will make your form a lot more usable and faster. But will elongate the form. You should be good with this tradeoff. But a lot of people aren't. Floating labels is a nice hack that could help with this.

    Your inner form input labels are off. They may be too dark? It might not be clear enough that that's empty example data in there? Not sure.

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  • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, over 3 years ago

    This is an interesting idea. I use 1Password, so when I do need to create a password I need to remember, I use their generator to make a password with 3-4 words separated by spaces, periods, dashes, etc. So that's where I'm coming from with these comments:

    1) The layout feels too big. Not compressed enough. Once I've generated the password, the page is long enough to scroll (on a 27" iMac). Step 2 has four options, but the layout is 3 columns, so one option wraps. Also, the description in each option is long enough that it wraps. It doesn't feel easy to scan quickly.

    2) Maybe this is dumb, but I'd rather not have to remember the compliance and color I hate the most. I'd prefer something more positive in my password.

    3) It'd be better if step 3 was visible, and you could see where the passwords were going to generate, or they could auto generate as you set the preferences/settings (you could still have a "refresh" "generate" button to get variations. Without having the "step 3" visible, I wasn't really sure what to expect when I clicked the button. Didn't know if new lines would be inserted above the button, or if there would be a pop-up, or if I would be taken to a new page.

    4) After you've generated passwords and might generate more, it feels weird to have the "Generate Password" button in-between step 2 and 3. If you started with step 3 being visible, and the layout was condensed, I would try putting the button below step 3 to fix the hierarchy or completeness of the generator.

    5) The resulting three options were around 45 characters long, and my answers in step 1 were all very short (four characters or less). I'd like an option to limit the password length to around 30 or something.

    Like I said, I use 1Password, so 99% of the time I don't have to remember the password. When I do need to remember, I just use the multiple random words generator and either keep clicking the refresh arrow icon until I like the words, or I customize it by typing the words I want. It's nice that their generated password is still editable text, so I can change it to be what I need.

    The logo is fun, and the typography is nice. I think the layout and maybe colors still need some work, but this might be a useful tool for some people. It's a neat idea.

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