Can I get feedback on a new app for product designers?

almost 4 years ago from , Product Design Consultant

Hi everyone!

I'm building a platform to enable product designers (especially aspiring ones) to grow and find great jobs. Right now, you can work on design exercises and reuse them for multiple product design job applications.


I would love feedback on whether the problem feels real to you and want to hear about any other problems that may exist for designers during the hiring process. I can build pretty much anything on this foundation. So what do you need?

Some ideas I'm contemplating (and I'd love feedback on):

  • A directory of great content on product design practices and principles
  • A more formal set of training/education, priced accordingly (affordably) as an online education platform.
  • A way to showcase product design case studies (different from Dribbble) so designers can build a following.

Thanks for taking a look! Please ask any questions that come to mind!