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Hi DN community! I have a side project - note-taking app focusing content organization and knowledge base collection. It's called Unit (App Store link).

The main difference between Unit and the majority of other apps is the approach of how a user can work with content. Content in Unit is consists of independent content blocks and all of them could be effectively controlled by gestures.

This approach affects UI/UX, so it's very interesting what do you think about it.

I would really appreciate if you share all your thoughts and send any feedback. Would be happy to discuss it with you.


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    Hey Naz, cool app, however it's a really saturated space and companies like Notion do it very well too. I personally don't see why I would use an app like this one, I prefer to have everything at the same place. Design is nice, the floating button is too small in my opinion tho :)

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    • , over 3 years ago

      Hi Romain! Thanks for writing this. I very appreciate it.

      Yes, note-taking space is pretty crowded, but when we started to work on this project in 2016, we didn't see any good app focused on the collection and organization of a lot of different types of notes. We didn't know about Notion back then (I think it was under closed-beta then), but you are right Notion uses the same concept as we do and we are facing a lot of comparison with them.

      But since we already working on it and have a bunch of loyal users we'll keep to improve the app and adding new platforms (Web app is coming soon).

      Regarding the floating "+ "button: Thanks, agree, we'll make it bigger.

      Let me know if there's anything else to share.

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    Actually, we have some open UI-related problems and I would be happy if you will share your vision on how we can improve it.

    For example, with tabbar (bottom bar with "Units", "Search", "Settings" buttons) I don't like that we have this bar always active at the bottom of the app, because it takes valuable space on the screen and also generates accidental screen switches.

    The main reason why we have it - ability to quickly switch to "Search"-screen and "To-dos"-screen (this button is not there right now, but we'll add it soon). Other reasons: a) I don't like side menus (this flow not quick enough); b) Apple guidelines suggest tabbar over side menu.

    It's pretty hard to put these buttons to the navigation bar (bar at the top), since it's filled up with navigation buttons.

    Do you have any ideas how we can improve this part of the app?

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    • D M, over 3 years ago

      Hey Naz, why don't you try creating a hideable/collapsable nav that you can activate by tapping/holding an icon, maybe in the lower right-hand corner of the screen? Think along the lines of how when you tap and hold an app icon in iOS 13, a small menu appears. You'll break some of the inherent patterns of HIG/Material (related to nav), but hey... what the hell right?

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      • , over 3 years ago

        Hi D M, Thanks for the idea, we'll think about it. Do you know any app using a similar button/UI?

        The main problem I see here is that it's always pretty hard to teach users new action flows and patterns. There's is a chance to lose some users because of that, once they will not find a habitual flow.

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