When hiring a designer, is it reasonable to ask to see a sketch/figma file to inspect?

over 3 years ago from , Designer at https://stratosphere.digital

I'm a designer/co-founder of a small software agency and we're looking to hire our first additional designer-- senior level, someone to lead complex client projects. We're self taught/employed from a small town and so this is also in a sense my first formal interaction with the design industry.

When meeting with prospective clients we've found it valuable to walk them through a figma file of basically completed state of a client project as an example (our example).

It seems like a good, direct way to assess a designer's ability and help make sure that they can handle complex projects, but is it reasonable? My plan was is to request either the file itself, or to be walked through it on a video chat if the designer is not able/comfortable to send a file.

Here's the job listing/application in case anyone has additional feedback they could offer or would like to apply