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  • , over 3 years ago

    It has started as a small side project for improving my skills in Icon design sector. I just want to learn more about icons and the process of creating.

    So I started with few (at the first time i think just 24 icons). And I just fall in love with the process behind. So I decided to make each month another pack of 12 icons.

    Right now the collection of icons including 212 icons and still growing. And I think it's the best time to share this freebie with you!

    Here is the link for download: https://gumroad.com/l/line-icon-pack

    I'll be so glad for any feedback: - Which Icons you would like to see in the future? - What should I improve on the pack? - Is there something else you want to design?

    Spread the words, share the pack!

    Thanks, Petr.

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