Figma Users: How do you handle micro-animations (without hard files)?

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Hey gang! — Long time lurker. First time poster.


I'm a Figma user and I love that all design "files" are directly in the cloud. Makes for seamless syncing across devices.

We'd like to invest more in micro-animations for UI (e.g. cards slide in and fade in on page load). Figma integrates with a lot of tools such as: Principle, ProtoPie, Proto.io—Great!


The animation tools mentioned above produce hard files that require storing on a device, and syncing via Dropbox/Drive/etc. I'd prefer these files to fully live in the cloud as well (like Figma, for example).


  1. Figma users, what do you do for this? If you have to produce hard files, how do you sync them across devices?

  2. Any softwares you guys know of that accomplish fully cloud based micro-animations that also play nicely with popular design softwares?

Much love, thanks!