VR & AI - The Future?

over 4 years ago from , web Developer / Designer

Considering the vastly changing face of the web these days, and with the infancy of VR & AI that are showing signs of inevitable growth that will take over the world... It's all got me thinking of the future of my job.

I'm currently a bit of a full-stack monkey and unfortunately got my head well and truly in the sand when it comes anything VR / AI. I think this is because if I start looking then I know I'm going to have to start the journey of learning, and when something is unfamiliar the first few steps are always the hardest, right?

I know VR & AI are different beasts but at this point, I'm unclear of what direction I'll favour.

... so, from a blank page point of view for VR & AI, whats people recommendations for the first baby steps. Initial documentation/articles, courses & software. Obviously, at this stage, I'm looking at cheap/free things to open the door before I feel informed enough to start making serious purchases.