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Hi Designer News! I finally launched my first project: uxiboard

Uxiboard is a tool to help designers and agencies collecting their inspirations and organize them to build a catalog of hand-picked resources that the whole team can use when it needs them the most.

As a developer that works with agencies, and that creates products himself, a big struggle is to get the right inspiration when starting a new work. Every day I see a lot of things I love and would try to apply in my project, but it ends always the same way: I screenshot it, give it a name that feels right at the moment and then 3 weeks later when I need it I can't remember of it!

Dump all your screenshot in uxiboard and categorize them quickly, so when you will need it you will be able to ask uxiboard: "Show me all landing pages with clever copy me and my teammates liked it", and you will have the right dose of the inspiration you need!

You can annotate images, to gather feedback from your clients or from your team. uxiboard wants to be your companion during the whole design process!

If you have feedback, questions or suggestions you can find me at nic@uxiboard.com !



  • Fernando Lins, 4 years ago

    As it has been said in previous comments, actual screenshots would help a lot. I already use Eagle.cool (that's a URL) so it's hard to compare without seeing the actual product.

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  • jeremy silverjeremy silver, 4 years ago

    I recommend explaining how this is different from Pinterest. As Otomar mentioned, having the actual UI could help in this area. Be clear if this a native app or a website.

    The pricing page needs to be organized better. Since there are two prices for the Team plan, it looks like the benefits above the price are only for that specific price. Similar benefits between the Creator and Team should line up on the same horizontal. (Unlimted number of boards)

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    • N B, 4 years ago

      thanks for the feedbacks! I am working on a better landing page righ now! Your tips are very useful!

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  • Otomar NemecekOtomar Nemecek, 4 years ago

    The low fidelity wireframe mockup images on the homepage are all nice and all, but... without screenshots of the real app, it's really not convincing to even click the "Try it for free" button. Also, the page looks quite unfinished without any thoughts behind anything. I get the MVP release and even minimalistic page, but this is less than minimal.

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    • N B, 4 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback, you are right.. I am missing the point and the landing page is not compelling. I am working on a better version. What do you mean with "Also, the page looks quite unfinished without any thoughts behind anything"?

      Do you have any particular suggestion on what you want to see on the landing page for a product like this?

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  • Henrique B.Henrique B., 4 years ago

    Hey N B, I would recommend breaking down the price into a monthly cost (of courser, telling that it will be billed yearly) so we don't have a negative first impact (since we first hit the huge value making the assumption it is monthly to just than reading that it represents 1 year of subscription).

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    • N B, 4 years ago

      Hi Henrique, thanks, that is a great suggestion! will work on it later and will ask you for feedback when it is done!

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