UI QUESTION: Should Text within a textbox be centre or upward/downward aligned?

over 4 years ago from , UX Designer - Feminist | Say hi@anmolbahl.com

This might be a silly question but in UI when you type a headline or a paragraph, what alignment do you use within the textbox?

The reason why I ask is because I manually set the textbox height to 4px/8px grid, so if my Headline is of 32px, I set the textbox to 32. No problem so far.

But, if the headline has a word with a descender, like "Gorgeous", then the 'g' gets clipped within the textbox.

So I manually increase the textbox height to the next 4px: 36px. But how should my text align within it?

NOTE: This is for a "Fixed Text Layer" in Sketch.