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Hey DN,

I’m looking for some feedback on the website we launched last week for pingpong, the messaging app for productive teams.


To provide more context, here’s the gist of pingpong:

We built pingpong to prioritize long periods of uninterrupted work. We combined the best parts of chat and email to enable a better, calmer way of getting things done with your teammates.

We felt the current wave of chat apps like Slack hurt our productivity by treating everything as urgent and sending us a barrage of notifications. As a distributed team of largely designers and developers, we wanted a communication tool that respected our time to focus on getting work done. We didn’t find anything in the market that quite fit what we were looking for, so we built it.

If the concept resonates with you, the app is in private beta and we’re looking for teams to put it through its paces and provide feedback.

Thanks for reading!


  • Tanner ChristensenTanner Christensen, over 4 years ago

    Neat concept!

    Some feedback about your site:

    • You ask visitors to subscribe for "early access" before telling or showing them what they're signing up for. Consider moving the email field lower to account for more information up top.

    • All of the screenshots are extremely skewed, making it close to impossible to see what the product offers. Skewed screenshots at sharp angles might look really dynamic and cool to designers, but to would-be-customers they just provide headaches.

    • "The messaging app for productive teams" is an extremely vague tagline. Is there something more specific to the product you could tout up-top? Maybe just: "The best parts of email and chat combined"?

    • Capitalize some of your sentences, as it will dramatically help users skimming the site. Having every single title, headline, and sentence start with a lowercase letter makes it really difficult to parse what's on the page.

    • Way too much empty space. White space can be really good for creating a strong balance on a page, or for captivating users to look where you want them to, but on this page it just seems like things are broken by how far out they're spread across the vertical space of the page. You could tighten it up and create a more energetic, better flowing page.

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  • Alexis CreuzotAlexis Creuzot, over 4 years ago

    I don't understand what's making PingPong different from Slack exactly, could you elaborate on that?

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, over 4 years ago

    My feedback:

    No capitals? Looks like: we are hip we write everything lowercase, because. High profile clients will be saying: nah, they can‘t write, we chose slack, teams, skype whatever. Stakeholder always looking for correct writing because it is important what and how you say it.

    Make the input regarding the early access more prominent, it looks like disabled, make it more „conversionable“ and write something whats the early access is about. I wouldn‘t install it because there is no imprint i dunno where it is hosted and so else.

    Pricing is weird, anchoring is ok, but i wasn‘t reding the text wanted the price in sight but it is the text, hard to recognize. Maybe build up a card pr something. Make the price bigger.

    Greyscale colors aren‘t matching. The logo is kinda blueish while the inputfields are greyish, they don‘t match.

    On iPad Pro there is a lot of whitespace i would suggest to reduce it it is a bit too much.

    I would also deliver way more information about your product since it is a messaging plattform and for companys it is really important to have a secure communications, i see nothing which gives me trust to use this app.

    It looks good, but i think you will need marketing to establish contents and by that an IA which gives your product a more trustworthyness. Always consider communications within the company world wants secure protocols. When bigger companies don‘t find these informations they won‘t use it.

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  • Zsolt KZsolt K, over 4 years ago

    Great name, dude!

    Zsolt, founder of PingPong

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