• Dogukan B, over 4 years ago

    I won't agree with your "your copy doesn't help or your design effort doesn't pay off" statement. Thanks for handy info and yet I still believe that a perfect combination of what you have listed there just works for everyone, if you can achieve that.

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    • , over 4 years ago

      Interesting, thanks for pointing this out!

      Why exactly do you think I meant copy and design doesn't pay off?

      What I meant in the article was that copy and design without the research from all of the other points won't work.

      The tendency is normally to just start writing or designing and that process doesn't really work. It has to be 80% research and 20% writing/designing so that's what I was trying to point out. If you do this the design of the page will be laid out "automatically" ;)

      Thanks for the feedback, Pedro

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  • Marcel van Werkhoven, over 4 years ago

    Your video explains it welIl I would start your blog with the video instead of having the video at the end.

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    • , over 4 years ago

      Awesome, glad you found it useful! Those are hard for me to pull off, to be honest :P

      That's a great point!

      I'm using the video to go deeper on several articles that send traffic to it (at the end of the article) but I haven't tried to promote it by itself for some STUPID reason...

      I'll try it, thanks Marcel :)

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