• Stefano TirloniStefano Tirloni, over 4 years ago

    I always found Invision ok, instead of spending so much money on creating documentaries, buying other startups and getting designers rockstars as testimonials, I prefer they spend the 10% of those $ on the actual product...

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 4 years ago

      I've had countless talks with their support teams and sales folks who threaten to solve my issues with Invision v7 aka codename vaporware. The lack of transparency about the problems and supposed solutions with their customer base has been baffling, especially compared to unicorn companies. All in all, they basically beat all the simple screen sharing competition, and then completely stopped innovating while pivoting away from their core base to build...something else. No one really knows for sure. Maybe not even Clark.

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      • John Williams, over 4 years ago

        I moved to Figma last year and never looked back to Sketch+Invision. Live screen sharing is great for UX demos.

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        • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 4 years ago

          I hear ya. I'm just team Sketch for now, I can't switch tools every year.

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        • Radley MarxRadley Marx, over 4 years ago

          Are any companies using Figma? Companies w/ more than 5 designers and/or more than one design team?

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          • John Williams, over 4 years ago

            According to Figma's last blog, Uber's whole team is using Figma.

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          • Miguel Solorio, over 4 years ago

            Our design team at Microsoft has been using it exclusively for the past two years. We also have a few thousand users across the company using it.

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          • JayO ★, over 4 years ago

            Yes, Org company here. 10 designers on the paid account plus our entire engineering team, QA, PMs....all on the free account.

            Through my vetting process I talked to at least 3 other directors/vps/managers from some pretty well known names in product tool land who also plan on making the same move.

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      • JayO ★, over 4 years ago

        I could have literally written this same exact post. Waiting just about a year for v7, the solutions to all of my problems...and nothing.

        So we left and chose Figma Team. Moving soon to Figma Org.

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    • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, over 4 years ago

      I moved to Marvel. I have the same bad vibes about the product. :(

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  • Shane McCleeryShane McCleery, over 4 years ago

    This could be a game changer IMO. All in one product for design, prototype, animation, inspection, design system management, and version control?

    Now if it would stop crashing for me every 10 minutes, I might actually use it.

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    • Patrycja PaczkowskaPatrycja Paczkowska, over 4 years ago

      If it would stop… :-)

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    • Andrew C, over 4 years ago

      But I mean I really just wanna to prototype things in it...

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    • Justin WhiteJustin White, over 4 years ago


      It would be nice if they actually used their tools and fully realized the job stories behind the features they're building.

      Begin Rant

      I'm on a 4-5 person distributed team and we are constantly having issues with the limited (read stagnant) feature-set of InVision. In som many regards, it's as if they added an option or button to solve one problem, but never fully realized the job story and motivations behind the problem.

      For example, look at Live Embed. We use JIRA and Slack. When I'm writing docs or tickets and need to live embed screens, the experience starts on a sour note immediately. Firstly, the problematic size and onHover display method of the Live Embed Icon-Button. If I had a dime for every time I missed the damn thing, repeatedly, and proceeded to watch others do the same.

      Secondly, why does it ask me my target destination EVERY SINGLE TIME, then go on to reveal a second dialog with the appropriately formatted Live-Embed URL? Is there really no way to define a default (in this case, Jira)? The second modal is equally frustrating considering the dialog knows the component/element that spawned it. For the love of dog… can we just get a "Copy Live Embed URL/Code" onHover of the damn target-destination? But wait… there is more.

      Third, screw all that doubleOnHover-wubba-lubba-dub-dub! Let me choose a default/preferred target-destination. On hover of the fracking screen-tile, reveal the live embed icon, in fact, reveal ALL three of the icons. There is no reason to hide them in an overflow menu if they only appear on hover…

      Aaaand fourthly… Last thing I swear… Let me grab the live embed URL at the screen level AND the project level.

      That's just inVision Live Embed. I got plenty more usability issues to rave about once we move on to things like Freehand, the mobile app, CRAFT, Missing "high demand" functionality like stateful buttons and overlays without the BS work around.

      We haven't even gotten to Studio yet…

      End Rant

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      • Lee Fuhr, over 4 years ago

        I love seeing all the rants now. I've been ranting about InVision for years (it's been over 2 years since they posted about having been working on "v7" of the core tools for over a year… 3+ years without a meaningful update, in THIS industry? Seriously?)

        I'm likely going to move our shop over to Anima for prototyping, commenting, and dev handoff. Their new 3.0 has some wrinkles to iron out, but it's feature set is great, and it doesn't try to replace Sketch like IV clearly aims to do now.

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      • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 4 years ago

        I gave up on Invision for 2 years. It's not made for large projects. It spot is small low fidelity sites. Its probably why they have been spending all their dev time in their new studio.

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      • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, over 4 years ago

        I support this person!

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      • Kris PuckettKris Puckett, over 4 years ago

        Hey Justin! Thanks for the super helpful feedback. I would love to chat more with you 1-1 on how we can fix these issue for you and your team. It sucks when the tools we rely on aren't living up to our expectations, and. I hate that we are doing that to y'all now.

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    • Chris Johnston, over 4 years ago

      I think what you are looking for is called Adobe XD ;-p

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  • Joe CJoe C, over 4 years ago

    Seems like this as a good place as any to pile on criticismrants feedback about Invision.

    I too am in the process of moving my whole team off of Invision as our platform for sharing prototypes etc. 3 years ago it was the go-to, everything was working smoothly and the "quirks" I figured would be ironed out as the product matured. (Example quirk: when setting up a link in the web app you can search by screen name in the dropdown...unless you are adding the link as an overlay. Then you have to scroll in a seemingly randomly ordered list of 300+ screens. I reported this over 2 years ago and got a jolly "We're aware of this issue and we're keeping it in mind for v7").

    The last year has been a horrible experience full of regret that we adopted Invision so heavily. I'm constantly getting seeing people struggling with syncing/craft updates/performance/downtime/speed and downright confusion, especially for clients. (add in some aggressive sales tactics/lack of transparency about direction/constant content marketing and you've got a real tire fire).

    Our shop is not, it seems, the intended audience of Studio. We do not use animation at all in our prototypes, and most of our work is desktop enterprise software. I have no use for the kinds of app screen animation-transitions that seem to be the selling point of Studio. This isn't a problem, I don't think all products need to be geared towards my use case at all. However, Studio is being pushed as a All-in-one screen design tool and a replacement for the web-app we use today.

    Reading what I'm writing here, it seems I'm just salty that I thought they were building a simple product that suited my work perfectly, only to see the company go in a different direction while still (somewhat) leading us on with the launch of v7 of the core product. I am embarrassed that I helped to convert team members to the tool previously, and I don't think I'd ever be able to adopt anything from Invision again.

    Unfortunately, there is no other alternative I would recommend instead. Sketch's prototype solution is good enough for now, and once we get overlays then I'll be satisfied I think. XD can also do this now, so I think us in the 'boring' design space will need to stick to the core basics of these tools.


    Edit: markdown

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    • Kris PuckettKris Puckett, over 4 years ago

      Hey Joe! Thank you for the honest feedback. Clearly we missed the mark with y'all, and while I bummed about that, I know we can be better. I'm the design community manager for InVision, and would love to chat with you, if you are interested. I'm so sorry you've had this experience, and I would love to see how we can make it better.

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  • Account deleted over 4 years ago

    invision makes adobe look like an angel

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  • Matt KMatt K, over 4 years ago

    Good grief. How do they have so much money to do everything except improve their core product?

    Invision is dog slow and has been for years. Certainly not going to try Studio or whatever else until they can load a bundle of PNGs in a browser in a reasonably performant way.

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  • Nick HerasimenkaNick Herasimenka, over 4 years ago

    What is Trunk?

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  • Josh Sanders, over 4 years ago

    seems like this is their attempt at the powerful Sketch + Abstract combo. Acquiring other companies and feature-sets isn't going to fix the fact that Studio is a major pain to use, and for me and my team, still not ready for production-level work.

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    • Lucian .esLucian .es, over 4 years ago

      Sketch + Abstract made me move to Figma. Such a powerful combo :))

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      • Josh Sanders, over 4 years ago

        how are you liking it so far? I'm curious to hear from others as well about their experience with Figma as you're not the first person to share that sentiment.

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