• Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, over 4 years ago

    There's great content here, thanks for sharing! But where's the tip or tool to convert a google doc into that landing page?

    Your primary post image makes it seem like there's an automated tool that intelligently converts the content of a google doc into that wireframey landing page. The end of your article says to use a tool like Whimsical, but how is that different than just copying and pasting from a Google Doc?

    Maybe I'm missing something.

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    • , over 4 years ago

      Hey Mike,

      Glad you liked it! The Google doc has instructions on how to write the content of the entire page so if you want to turn it into a wireframe you can use Whimisical or turn that copy into a landing page with a template (could be yours or someone else's).

      80% of every website is the copy so if you define it properly everything is laid out including what the images to support it should be.

      Hope it makes sense!


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  • Joey Prijs, over 4 years ago

    "Almost there! Free Gdoc Template", "You can get the template here (for free!)"

    But not really. You want something in return; my e-mail address... So let's be honest; this file isn't free.

    Knowing public files are a thing this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's also seem to violate GDPR since I have no clue what you're going to do with that data or why you even need it in the first place (not even mentioning the 8 third-party cookies your website uses...). Like I said, public Google Docs are a thing, just share the link so people can copy the file.. you know, like almost every other project made in Docs does.

    Why do you want my name and e-mail address Pedro?

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