• Leif Abraham, over 4 years ago

    Hey there!

    We've launched a new project to help freelancers run a better business. Each episode unpacks tips and tactics from some experts and successful one-person-armies.


    • Paul Jarvis (Six Figure Freelancer & Author)
    • Justin Gignac (Co-Founder of Working Not Working)
    • Brennan Dunn (Founder of Double Your Freelancing)
    • Oliver Ginsburg (Head of Support at AND CO from Fiverr)
    • Caitlin Pearce (Executive Director at Freelancers Union)
    • Jeremy Noronha (Head of SEO at Foundr Magazine)
    • Mike Montague (VP of Online Learning at Sandler Training)
    • Preston Lee (Founder of Millo.co)
    • "Alex" Alexandra Fasulo (Fiverr Pro Seller)
    • "Ryrob" Ryan Robinson (Six Figure Freelancer & Founder of Ryrob.com)
    • Kaleigh Moore (Six Figure Freelancer)
    • Dane Sanders (Founder of Fastermind.co & Author)

    Hope you enjoy!

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