Apple is using SASS and they're doing it wrong(

over 10 years ago from Jason Rodriguez, Product Manager at Litmus

  • Brett JonesBrett Jones, over 10 years ago (edited over 10 years ago )

    The tone might be critical but I think there are some positive takeways.

    When I first started using SASS I was very excited by the prospect of nesting rules - finally, an easy way to have a high degree of control and specificity over the styling of elements - but I went over the top with nesting like many people starting out.

    I think the interesting thing here is just how easy it is for even seasoned developers to fall into these common mistakes when using preprocessors such as SASS - I think it's endearing: rather than slamming Apple for doing it wrong I think it provides a good opportunity to promote discussion about common pitfalls with tools like SASS, and how to avoid them.

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