Ask DN: Should you put your photo on your resume?(

9 years ago from Alec Molloy, Utopia

  • Asko NõmmAsko Nõmm, 9 years ago

    In EU, having a photo on your resume is quite mandatory in my opinion. It shows trust, and you can read quite a few things about a personality from the persons face .. and a good personality is an important thing to have.

    Having talked with a few people who actually hire people, they've told me that a resume without a photo can mean a few things, like the person didn't work hard enough on said resume or is too shy or maybe just someone who will work with you for a month and then leave.

    Either way, at least as far as I know, in EU having a photo is a must.

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    • Gabriel BrodersenGabriel Brodersen, 9 years ago

      I'm from Denmark, and have to agree on this one.

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    • Ryan BowmanRyan Bowman, 9 years ago


      Photos are non-existent in the UK job scene.

      Not that it matters too much – you can almost always see them via social media, etc.

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    • Joseph KeenanJoseph Keenan, 9 years ago

      Amazing. I had no idea that it was norm in the EU.

      It’s pretty standard in Japan, too, in my experience – though it goes even further, where a resume is a form you purchase and fill out. I guess this makes it easier to compare candidates and shows off their penmanship.

      Here in Australia I believe it’s considered almost rude to include a photo. Almost like you’re overselling yourself, or trying to compensate for a lack elsewhere – rather than it necessarily being about discrimination.

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