Ask DN: Should you put your photo on your resume?(

9 years ago from Alec Molloy, Utopia

  • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, 9 years ago

    I'd generally say "no" — especially in the US. For a few different reasons.

    1. Most importantly, wearing my employer's hat, I don't give a rats arse what you look like. I care about your work, and what you do for the organisations you've worked for. You're using up valuable real estate to show me something I don't care about and should not affect my hire/no-hire decision. Your resume is a piece of design work. You're showing me that you're not designing for the end-user ;-)

    2. This is anecdotal — but the resume's I've had in the past that have included photos have tended to be the less able candidates. I would do my best to read past that, but I'm human.

    3. There have been a couple of companies I've worked with in the US in the past that would automatically bin any resume that came in with a photo, because they felt it raised the risk of discrimination claims (I personally doubt that it actually would — but your resume would still be in the bin.)

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