• Matt AchariamMatt Achariam, 9 years ago

    Ohad, we're aware that thoughtful comments are the lifeblood of Designer News. We're working on implementing some exciting features in the near future to help protect and foster the community.

    Next time however, if you'd like to request a feature we have a thread set up for that purpose.

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    • Drew ShimomuraDrew Shimomura, 9 years ago

      Gotta be honest. I didn't understand that we didn't get karma from comment upvotes. I posted to the thread you mentioned, asking if my account was broken in some way because i had comment upvotes and no karma. I got no response and that was about a month ago.

      So I don't trust that thread.

      I could get the frustration with me: "That's not a feature request, Drew!" Well, I didn't know where else to post. And an admin could have told me i was posting in the wrong place.

      A thread isn't the right format to field feature requests for a number of reasons. Conversations exist from almost a year ago, feature requests build up--that page has way too many comments. And DN is not designed for reading tons of comments (like reddit with its collapsible comments), so there's no way i'm going to get through all of those comments. I bet a lot of different people have posted basically the same comment a number of times because they haven't read through all of the comments, right? And when people cant read through them, really great ones aren't upvoted, because people don't see them...and of course it doesn't help that the 7th highest comment on that thread don't have a clear response to it....


      I'm sorry if this is coming off rude--I don't know why. Maybe i'm starting to feel like I'm part of the community and wanting to defend it? Anyways, I just want to be clear that, as a user of DN, there are a number of evident reasons NOT to post to that thread. I'm happy that big concerns aren't being buried in that thread but are making it to the front page. But I'd also be happy to see an improved feedback method that would take the big concerns from the main stories feed, too.

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