Avocode Pre-order: Anyone got onboard?

over 9 years ago from Eric Haidara, Interaction Designer at Skalar

  • Nick MNick M, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    In the same boat - I'm finally making the switch to Sketch after being obstinate for so long. The ability to export things is key... all of which is built in to Sketch (and seemingly some of the new Adobe companion tools). I can't see any rationale for paying multiple subscriptions for functionality I get in Sketch for >$100.

    I used the Avocode beta, and I love the guys who made this, too... from CSSHat to Enigma, they've created some tremendous Photoshop workflow enhancers. Also the fact that there's no windows version... wtf, guys. I realize a lot of designers are on mac, and there's increasing numbers of devs moving to mac, but the VAST MAJORITY of developers I've worked with are on Windows machines. That's never going to change. None of my devs here were able to even try the beta out with me on any of our projects. No traction = no uptake. Dead on arrival. What a waste.

    In all, I just feel like this project is months behind and as a result has missed the boat tremendously here.

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