What laptop is the best for designers?

9 years ago from Michael Ninh, Designer @ Smoocer

  • Eric REric R, 9 years ago

    They really aren't "meant" for gaming either. If it was, that would be a selling point. Typically when they boast an upgraded GPU they throw in their machines they associate it with being able to run VMs, more screens, better Adobe performance, etc.

    There are games that work with Mac, but compared to what is available on PC it is laughable. I am not saying people SHOULDN'T play games on their mac. I am just saying they will be limited if they choose to do so.

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    • Andreas Ubbe Dall, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

      "If it was, that would be a selling point."

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      • Eric REric R, 9 years ago

        So "And Play." is the allocated marketing for gaming. Two words. Hardly a selling point. And of course they are going to mention that there are games in the app store on way or another.

        A real selling point would be "Play your favorite next-gen game at 1440 @ 60FPS!"

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