What laptop is the best for designers?

almost 9 years ago from Michael Ninh, Designer @ Smoocer

  • Michael Nino EvensenMichael Nino Evensen, almost 9 years ago

    MBPs are so well manufactured that you can't go wrong. Since I've done the switch to the unibody MacBook's years ago I've been amazed at the durability, as I've given some of those laptops some serious beating and I've only manage to slighlty dent or create small scratches that's it, still runs like clockwork. Theres something to a well developed product that's been refined over the years, like the MBPs compared to other laptops or computers. In terms of desktop / laptop, I have to say, recently went for a 15 inch retina and the retina switch from an old non-retina 13 inch MBP has been one of the biggest changes for me in the latest years (that and SSDs) in terms of design work, working with typography and just generally reading and viewing is absolutely amazing... I actually sometimes prefer just to work off of my MBP instead of the 27inch Thunderbolt display I have just because of this. So I'll jump on the bandwagon here and say get a 15inch (13 is nice too) Retina MBP and you're gold.

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