• Igor GregorioIgor Gregorio, almost 9 years ago

    I use a CODE mechanical keyboard at the moment, the ten keyless version with Cherry MX Clear switches. It has the best compromise of size, key resistance and noise I've tried so far. To be perfectly honest, I was attracted to it because of it's minimalistic design. There are no markings on the case, all black with illuminated white keys set in Helvetica. I've tried their version with Green switches and found it too stiff for my own preferences, so it's sitting on a box waiting on a buyer.

    I also have an Apple Extended Keyboard II (scored it new for $20, a fortunate day), which is a pleasure to use, but it could double as an aircraft carrier. If I had more room, it would probably still be sitting here under use.

    At work I'm restricted to Apple's wired keyboard. It's adequate, if harmless.

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