"So Yeah, We Tried Slack" — Sandwich Video(youtube.com)

almost 9 years ago from Rafael Conde, Design at Netlify, and co-host of Layout

  • Bob CBob C, almost 9 years ago

    For those using Slack could you perhaps tell a little bit about how you are using it? Do you still use a project environment like Basecamp?

    I have played around with it a bit. It seems really nice and useful for our team but I am bit worried about the limited amount of structure (like topics) it provides (except from having channels). Or did I perhaps miss something?


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    • Andrew AskinsAndrew Askins, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

      I think you're probably right, it's best for shooting each other quick messages or sharing links or files.

      That being said we had a Basecamp account and a Slack account and I can no longer remember the last time I logged into the Basecamp account. While it is less structured, the search feature is good enough that the lack of structure doesn't really matter.

      To be fair, we are a small team (3 people) but I was working remotely for 3 months and Slack was all we needed. Now that we're all in one place we've stopped using Basecamp all together and just use Slack and this super high-tech system

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    • Nick TogaNick Toga, almost 9 years ago

      My team of 6 uses slack for day-to-day internal stuff that the client is not exposed to. We basically have a channel for each project and #general for quickly hitting everyone with a lunchtime or status message.

      We use Basecamp for communication with clients and collaborators as well as external project managers. We try to keep all feedback from the client there and use it mostly so there is no email telephone going on. Devs can see the designs they will ultimately build etc.

      When I provide creative direction, it's an awesome tool because it's quick, inline viewing and commenting is easy where as basecamp gets wild.

      I'd say its a more polished hipchat and the best feature is connecting to people even if they aren't "online."

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