What does a portfolio look like in 2014?

over 9 years ago from Sean Lester, Product Designer @ Match.com

  • Chad Thornton, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I've been interviewing and reviewing portfolios since '04 and usually look at a dozen or more every week.

    Agreed that case studies online are preferred, especially if you're applying for something more UX focused. It's important to demonstrate your understanding of the problem you were given (or maybe that you reframed), and how you went about solving that problem.

    Also, please don't just re-present your website in an interview. The hiring manager has already read it — it's too easy for it to feel like a rehash.

    Consider showing less online with teasers about what you can follow up on in person. Or only show one in-depth case study online, saving the others for the meeting. If the interview is more than a 1-on-1, you're probably better off preparing a presentation to introduce yourself, talk about what matters to you as a designer, who inspires you, etc. as well as show your work.

    Also, prototypes — even basic ones in Keynote / Invision / Flinto / Marvel — often go over well in an interview. Or record screencasts as a fallback.

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