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  • Pete LadaPete Lada, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Dude! Awesome. Love it. My only major gripe would be that the image which appears when you hover over your name is a bit unwelcoming. I get the desire to appear maybe, offbeat? But if that was all that I saw, I might be slightly turned off (not anything to do with your looks; mainly a comment on how you're presenting yourself in the photo). It also doesn't really match the rest of the "smiley" theme you have going.

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    • Mr Kyle MacMr Kyle Mac, almost 9 years ago

      Pete — The image is now me sitting on table mountain and eating a celebratory apple which I think is a lot better than an offbeat mug shot :D haha.

      Thanks for the solid suggestion, you're the man!

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