• Joe BarberJoe Barber, almost 9 years ago

    Firstly, how much time do you really spend analyzing those charts??

    Secondly, with YNAB you reconcile with your bank account every month (I do it every two weeks) to ensure it's staying accurate. I have a SHIT TON of transactions, and nothing has ever helped me as much as YNAB. The bottom line is really that managing your money well takes work. By inputing a transaction every time I buy something, I'm keeping my budget at the forefront of my mind instead of just spending until I get a warning from my app that I've overspent (or almost over spent). Is it slightly annoying to reconcile every two weeks? Yes. But that ~1 hour every two weeks is well worth the confidence I've gained in always knowing exactly how much money I have and what it's being used for.

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