• Bart Claeys, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I swear by Mint:

    The good:

    • Auto-tagging expenses works really well (believe me, you don't want an app that requires you to enter transactions manually).
    • Supports a lot of banks (even Paypal) and investment accounts (think IRA).
    • You can set budgets and get alerted when you exceed these budgets (e.g. max monthly budget for lunches, or max budget for internet so you get notified when Comcast jacks up its prices).
    • Great charts, and you can pivot on many datapoints. E.g. you can see how your net worth is progressing year by year.
    • Alerts you when your bank charges you a fee.
    • It's free!

    The not so good:

    • Requires manual grooming (I do it once a week): fixing tags, adding comments to transactions. Fixing credentials of your bank accounts etc.
    • Sync problems with banks.
    • No support. The service is stable now, but wasn't in the past. There are tons of ananswered questions in several forums. The Mint team is bad in communication.

    Other options: - There are not many. CreditKarma is a new player (Google is investor) but I personally invested too much time in Mint that I cannot justify a switch. Although I use CreditKarma to track my credit score, something Mint doesn't do.

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