Typed — Your New Favourite Markdown Editor for Mac(realmacsoftware.com)

over 9 years ago from Marc Edwards, Founder at Bjango

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    Here's what their "thanks for signing up for the mailing list" email said about Typed:

    What is Typed?

    Typed is a brand new minimalist Markdown editor. We’re building Typed because we write a lot of Markdown, and weren’t happy with the other apps out there. Markdown is something we’re aiming to support widely in our apps both now and in the future, and it goes without saying that Typed will be receiving frequent updates!

    System Requirements?

    We’ll be supporting OS X Mavericks and newer when Typed launches, and as you’d expect we’ll be making sure Typed looks stunning on OS X Yosemite too.

    What about iOS?

    Right now, we’re focused on building Typed for Mac. With OS X Yosemite’s new iCloud Drive feature, you’ll be able to use your favourite iOS text editor and still edit documents in Typed when at your Mac.

    When & where can I buy It?

    Typed will be available via both the Mac App Store and the Realmac Store. We haven’t announced pricing yet, but as soon as we have more details to share with you, you’ll be the first to know

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