Android Design. Where to start?

almost 9 years ago from Alex Vanderzon, UI & UX Designer

  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 9 years ago

    On your workflow article you say that you start your android designs at mdpi (For an Android app, that’s mdpi) and now you suggest to start with hdpi.

    Well spotted, and sorry about the confusion. The article is a bit older, and I'm not sure how valuable it is to include mdpi assets any more.

    That means we shouldn't take care anymore of mdpi?

    mdpi is for devices with a ~160ppi display density. So, similar to the 2007 iPhone. It depends on your userbase, but I wouldn't bother for most modern apps. It really does depend on who you're targeting, and how your want to support older devices.

    It's also worth noting that Android layout is done using dp units (density-independent pixel), which maps to mdpi.

    You don't really need to support xxxhdpi assets yet, but it depends how much you want to future-proof your current work.

    Who knows what will happen, but I'd think xxxhdpi is the end of the road for display densities for the foreseeable future.

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