LG explains its UI for the G3(youtu.be)

over 9 years ago from Samantha G, Marketing Designer @ Trello

  • Wes OudshoornWes Oudshoorn, over 9 years ago

    How I really feel? I feel sad that this is how we explain design to our audiences. As a layer of paint, the following of a trend, the choosing of "mature" colours.

    I care a lot about android and think that their old vanilla android interface (like the Nexus line) is amazing, and the new material design makes them the leader in this field (ahead of iOs).

    I have used Android, Windows Phone and iPhone, all as a primary phone out of professional curiosity.

    They might have come from far, the interface might be good, but this video is an empty shell of marketing speak disguised as design. (No disrespect meant for your opinion, just ranting about the video.)

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