Adobe Illustrator vs Sketch performance (

almost 9 years ago from Johan Ronsse, Interface designer at Mono

  • Juan SolanoJuan Solano, almost 9 years ago

    I don't think the comparison is pointless. Performance is very important for making a decision, although it is not the only one. I really like Sketch for UI design, i think the workflow is a lot better than AI for this purpose. I do think Sketch has some major vector issues and therefore I still use AI for designing logos or icons and other vector-only related designs.

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    • Arma GetronArma Getron, almost 9 years ago

      Making what decision? My whole point is that you still use both because they do different things.

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      • Gina RodriguezGina Rodriguez, almost 9 years ago

        His point is that some people ( raises hand) use Illustrator for UI design and not just the sole purpose of making vector artwork.

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