Framer Studio: A new interaction design tool.(

almost 9 years ago from Jonathan Levy, Product Developer @revealparis

  • T LT L, almost 9 years ago

    You can achieve same results using LiveReload + Sublime Text + SublimeCompletionFramerjs + Safari and dedicating half of screen to Sublime Text and other half to Safari. And it costs less than $49.

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    • Ale MuñozAle Muñoz, almost 9 years ago

      Indeed. But a Framer Studio license puts some food on the table of the team that brought you the very awesome (and very free : ) Framer.js

      And that's worth more than $49 : )

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      • T LT L, almost 9 years ago

        I would support Framer.js team but $49 is too much for me for a tool like that which is basically a text editor with a browser. Nothing extra. Plus it is missing JavaScript support that I can have with the setup that I have described.

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    • Bruno DanielBruno Daniel, almost 9 years ago

      ...but it's a bore to set up.""@"

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