ASK DN: Just had a product idea, what now?

almost 9 years ago from Sean Lester, Product Designer @

  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Coming from someone who hasn't yet launched my own product, here is my plan:

    1. Flesh out the idea - Right now its a fragile idea, start fleshing out all the details, get a document going. How will it work? Who is it for? Why would they want it? What are people using now? How is it better? How much is it worth to people? How will I make money off of this? How hard will it be to make?

    2. Design, prototype, iterate - As designers we are at an advantage here, we can do everything but code it. So do that. Dont even think about code, just design the whole thing, iterate, and get a prototype going.

    3. User feedback - get your prototypes and mocks in front of people. Ask the right questions, discover needs not opinions.

    4. Find partners - Once you have the idea solid, the design solid, and mocks, you can now pitch your idea to like minded coders, business, and others who you think can help you.

    5. Build a working prototype - Build the "Minimum lovable product" the main features, and enough UX and design to make it lovable but dont go crazy with added features.

    6. Launch it, market it - Start a beta, get it in front of users, email websites with your marketing story about your product, leverage smaller sites covering you to get bigger sites to take notice.

    7. Grow it - Once you have some users, grow it. See how its used or not used and polish your idea. If you need more money to grow, get funding. But if you can match your revenue with your growth you wont need it or as much of it.

    8. ??? Profit? Sell? Retire? Make another? Might be good to start here too. Its going to be a hard road, where do you want to get off? How far will you take this?

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