Ask DN: Which web host do you use?

over 9 years ago from Mike Barker, Designer (

  • Gavin AnthonyGavin Anthony, over 9 years ago

    Currently have the (gs) service from MediaTemple; however, I only use it for hosting my portfolio (which is $17/month). So whenever I can get around it, I'll be switching to GitHub Pages hosting. Reason being is that it's super easy to push changes live and it's free. Although GitHub Pages does not support PHP, Ruby, ect. Just static HTML and CSS.

    If you are looking at having around 10 sites with PHP though, MediaTemple is a great solution. For one, it's relatively cheap for what you get. The support is outstanding. Seriously. It is also very easy to manage many sites at once, which I think many other options don't have that kind of simplicity.

    Anyways, I hope this helped! Good luck.

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