Ask DN: Which web host do you use?

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  • Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis, over 9 years ago

    Q: how is DO expensive for WP? I have 30+ sites that total hundreds of thousands of visits a month and I pay $20/month there. I use a single CentOS droplet.

    They're faster and more reliable than MediaTemple too.

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    • Mike BarkerMike Barker, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

      I had heard nothing but good things about DO however my one droplet/site goes down on a weekly basis, losing it's db connection. I'll google it again but I recall trying to host more than one wordpress site per droplet was not easy to set up and meant the loss of post-title based urls. That said I may continue to use it for one-off non-php/mysql sites (want to try running a ghost site).

      Update: found the solution for enabling pretty links when setting up multiple sites. Will do a test run, however it doesn't solve the random weekly database connection issues.

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      • Mike SMike S, over 9 years ago

        Regarding your DB going down; without knowing your setup or droplet stats, it may be a memory issue. I ran into this a while ago & cured it by adding swap.

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      • Antoine Lord, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

        I had exactly the same problem. The default configuration for MySQL is not adequate, so you need to configure MySQL yourself properly.

        This script can help you : MySQL Tuner

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    • Account deleted over 9 years ago

      Awesome! I would love to switch to Digital Ocean, however I'm used to managed hosting and cPanel. Do you have any resources, tips or tricks to get started? I would really appreciate if I could get some advice from a experienced DO user like you.

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