Best project management tools?

9 years ago from Derek Bowers, UX/UI Designer, Screenmedia

  • Tanveer C.Tanveer C., 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Longtime Basecamp user and a fan of Trello. I also tried ActiveCollab a good amount at my previous job.

    Here're my thoughts on each:

    Trello is the easiest to get started on but it didn't work for us in an agency environment with a lot of projects. It lacked certain depth and dimension necessary to be used as a project management app. It's better suited for "task management" We still used it for our daily stand-up meetings.

    Basecamp is Basecamp. Weren't sold on their new redesign so stayed with Classic for a long time. But it's age was definitely showing. We wanted to try new workflows and Basecamp was a little too unweildy / limited / old-school for that.

    If you want all-in-one solution that comes with an infinite number of settings, switches and nobs at the expense of a friendly UI - you can't go wrong w/ ActiveCollab. It has an dizzying array of features (rather poorly implemented) and you may not be happy w/ the way UI looks (and UX is definitely less than desirable) but it does allow you to host your own and allows you to customize the app by adding plug-ins/module etc. If that's something you care about, none of the other tools offer that.

    Something new:

    Forecast marries Trello-like easy to use interface with the structure of a more traditional project management app workflow (ie. Basecamp). It has bunch of innovative touches that makes tackling multiple projects less of a chore. Designed mostly for ourselves and friends at various startup and agencies: something light and flexible that doesn't have unnecessary bells and whistles.

    Sign up for an invite if you guys want to test drive. We'll be rolling out private beta invites in coming weeks.

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