Sketch Plugin : Parse your own data to create profiles and lists(

over 9 years ago from Florian Pnn, Product designer @ Microsoft

  • Florian PnnFlorian Pnn, over 9 years ago

    Hi DN,

    Here is my first Sketch plugin, everything is written on the GitHub page! If you have suggestions, or comments regarding the code, just let me know!

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    • Shahruz ShaukatShahruz Shaukat, over 9 years ago

      Very cool! Works like a charm.

      Only thought is that it would be great if it could imitate the "Make Grid" feature somewhat, in that I can predefine a layout of how the newly cloned groups should be laid out.

      Great work!

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      • Florian PnnFlorian Pnn, over 9 years ago

        Thanks man!

        It was on my to-do list but as it's already included in Sketch I got lazy. I will look to implement it with a few other features.

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