Freelancing in Berlin

over 9 years ago from Paul Bamford, Freelance Digital Designer -

  • Nicolai KnollNicolai Knoll, over 9 years ago

    Hey Paul, I also started freelancing in Berlin at the beginning of this year. My experience so far is that you should avoid the two-three large "creative" recruiting agencies. They usually just provide you with jobs at mediocre agencies and focus on a quick placing rather than finding the right fit for you and the company. Personally, I got the best jobs through my personal network, ex-colleagues or people I meet at some networking-events. In that sense Berlin is quiet small and you always bump into the same people and a lot of jobs are offered by personal recommendations.

    Some links that might help you: - a quiet nice freelancing network - product jobs - set up a search und subscribe to it. There are usually 3-5 new jobs (even-though most of them are contract) - my personal list that i update a few times a week

    Are you looking for agencies, startups or both?

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    • Paul BamfordPaul Bamford, over 9 years ago

      Thanks Nicolai,

      I'll check out the links. Most of my background is agency but I'd love to work with some more start-ups here too. My main aim is to get to a point where I can get the work that excites me and that make me a better designer.

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