Freelancing in Berlin

over 9 years ago from Paul Bamford, Freelance Digital Designer -

  • Jonathan CourtneyJonathan Courtney, over 9 years ago

    Hey Paul,

    One networking channel I can suggest is

    I set it up a while ago to drop some of the work that our agency wasn't taking on. Now a lot of people post jobs there.

    In terms of rates, they vary wildly based on your skills, experience and personality. Anything from €250 - €1000 a day. So ya. Wild. It also depends what kind of designer you are. Pure UX, visual etc.

    Cheers. Jonathan

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    • Paul BamfordPaul Bamford, over 9 years ago

      Hey Jonathan,

      Yeah I know there's a wide range of rates out there. I've done a bit of everything - UX, visual, responsive, mobile apps, front-end dev. That used to be the job but I'm not sure whether that's a positive when freelancing or whether I should specialise in one discipline, probably more UI/visual design.

      Seems you're more likely to be called in to fill one specific role but my ideal process would include a range of elements whether it's designing and prototyping in browser, creating interaction prototypes and generally solving problems in a team where everyone has a decent level of knowledge of each other's roles rather than working in a silo. We'll see.

      I'll keep my eye on the FB group.



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      • Jonathan CourtneyJonathan Courtney, over 9 years ago

        I personally used to do a bit of everything too, but recently made the conscious decision to drop any sort of visual design. I'm a UX Designer/Product Strategist now and I find being able to stay in one general direction helps you to focus the hell out of learning about it, getting better etc.

        This also, of course in the end, raises your day rate. When we look for hires, we generally look for people who are very good at a specific skill rather than people who are just good at a bit of everything.

        As a yard stick number for a good visual designer, €450-500 is a normal range

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        • Sjors TimmerSjors Timmer, over 9 years ago

          Is it necessary to speak German fluently (or very well) or do you get along fine with english?

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          • Paul BamfordPaul Bamford, over 9 years ago

            My experience of the start-up scene is that English is usually fine with German being a bonus. That's for designers, different roles require different language skills obviously. Same goes for the larger agencies working across different markets but in both cases a good command of German can only help. That's something I'm still working on :)

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