Best project management tools?

9 years ago from Derek Bowers, UX/UI Designer, Screenmedia

  • Isabelle LepezIsabelle Lepez, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    I would say that it really really depends on your objectives and whether you might be the only user or not; whether you are in a small company or trying to refactor the planning processes of a big enterprise that could involve a lot of actors.

    Basecamp, Asana, ... are really good at managing day-to-day projects, but when time comes to massively plan people on tasks; you might face their limits.

    I work for a company called ISC which is seller and editor of PlanningForce - the kind of solution used to massively schedule projects and resources.

    I would be curious to know a bit more about your needs :)

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