Having to rent AI and PSD for 1000.-/year makes me hate Adobe

9 years ago from Olivier Heitz, Senior Product Designer. Founder of https://SketchTalk.io

  • Jon MarshJon Marsh, 9 years ago

    Having been someone who recently found themselves asking the same questions, specially after I made the transition from using solely Adobe products for UI design, to using Sketch now, I can tell you this:

    Although Sketch (haven't tried others mentioned) is an amazing tool gaining a lot of traction and one that has become essential to my workflow, it's still not there yet to become an industry standard and clients, developers and most designers still heavily rely on PSD's and AI files. Of course you can argue that ultimately it comes down to output, so it really doesn't matter what tool you use and there are ways to get around not being able to send those particular file formats, like exporting all assets with a style guide.

    Even though it can seem unjustifiable at times to have to pay so much for Adobe CC, there are some benefits, like Typekit for example, which I've been able to use the fonts synced there in Sketch and LR, for editing photos. You also might find yourself wanting to learn other tools and expand your skill set, like After Effects, which I'm seeing a lot of designers use for animating UX transitions and creating beautiful ways of showcasing their work.

    I do hope one day Adobe allows for users to pay per app combos of their choice, but for now, I personally try to think of these expenses as necessary for my business.

    Hope this insight gives you a different perspective.

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